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Anomaly Detection

RansomwareThe number one threat polluting enterprise networks is ransomware. According to a recent survey, 52% of U.K. businesses had at least encountered one ransomware attack in the previous 12 months. When you’re infected with ransomware, you have two choices: pay the ransom, or recover data from a clean backup. However, ransomware often infects files over a period time, and many IT admins are unaware that their company is infected until it’s too late. Anomaly detection ensures that you’ll never be caught off guard.

What is Anomaly Detection? It’s an early warning system that enables companies to quickly isolate a ransomware infection and recover important data before the entire network is frozen. When we see anomalies in the number of changed files, we will automatically send you an email alert — an anomaly warning — that lets you know when your ‘new’ or ‘changed’ file count jumps off the chart.

With this knowledge, you know when you were infected and can revert back to a clean backup.

Unlimited Version History

If ransomware changes your most recent backup, having unlimited version history gives you the confidence to turn back time to restore unencrypted files from a known good backup.

Don’t just Protect your Servers

Not being able to recover your CEO’s desktop files is never a good answer. Since ransomware is disseminated via phishing and web downloads, endpoint protection is vital to guarding against today’s most pervasive threats.

Simple & Fast Ransomware Data Recovery

Infrascale makes it simple to restore any versions of files backed up. Just find a clean, unencrypted version of the files or folders you want to restore and download them in seconds. Problem solved.

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Comprehensive, End-to-End Encryption

End-to-End Encryption

Move to the Cloud with Confidence

You spend so much money and resources securing the perimeter of your business, why leave your data unprotected during failover, backup, and archiving? It’s why we’ve built in triple layer encryption so you can move to the cloud with military-grade security.

  • No Data Gets Left Behind:
    Triple-level encryption, compliant cloud, and top-tier data centres are how we secure data during failover, backup, and archiving . No additional hardware required.
  • Triple Encryption:
    Data is encrypted at the source, transferred via a secure connection, and then encrypted again in the cloud. We call it Ultrasafe for good reason.
  • For Your Eyes Only:
    You get the encryption key so you’re the only one that can view and decrypt files in the cloud. Keep your confidential information private with Infrascale.

Encryption and Beyond

Others either don’t protect or only quote bit encryption, but backup2cloud – using Infrascale’s UltraSafe technology –
goes beyond encryption to deliver military-grade security for your data.

  • Triple Layer Encryption & the Key:
    We use private key encryption along with double blind encryption so only you can view or decrypt your data in the cloud.
  • Source Encryption:
    Your data is encrypted at the source with your private key.
  • Transit Encryption:
    Data is sent through a secure tunnel with 256-bit SSL.
  • Rest Encryption:
    Your data is encrypted at rest in the data centre.

Infrascale, the underlying technology powering backup2cloud, was judged to be the fastest solution in terms of upload speeds: “Unrivaled initial backup speed and a full set of features and tools make it a top choice for off-site data protection.”
Source: PC Magazine, February 2016

Laptop & Mobile Protection

Securing Your Mobile Workforce

The rise of the mobile workforce has made it challenging for IT to protect data that is created outside of the firewall. Simplifying data protection for laptops and mobile devices begins with providing backup to your mobile workforce, and giving IT one place to manage all of their device’s data protection needs.

Secure Mobile Devices

Protect All Your Roaming Endpoints

backup2cloud protects all your mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, and smart phones – no matter where they roam. But we also protect all your servers, too. So, instead of using multiple backup solutions to protect different device types, you can use a single solution to protect everything.

Backups shouldn’t disrupt your users’ work experience, or cause them to disable the service because it’s intrusive. backup2cloud runs silently and delivers immediate data access to maximise productivity. Even over weak WiFi or mobile data connections, backup2cloud provides advanced technology to optimise performance over these low bandwidth roadblocks so data is continuously protected.

Data Loss Prevention

Lost or stolen laptops and mobile devices are the most common source of reported data leaks. With backup2cloud you can now protect all of these devices with integrated features such as: –

  • Backup Laptops and Mobile Devices:
    Just because your data leaves the firewall, doesn’t mean it can’t be backed up. Protect your Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android mobile devices.
  • Powerful Geotracking:
    Easily locate lost or stolen devices with the best virtual Sherlock Holmes. Keep calm and carry on.
  • Remote Wipe:
    With backup2cloud, you’re always in control. Delete any business-critical data on remote devices with push-button ease.

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Cloud-to-Cloud Protection

End-to-End Encryption

Backup and Recover All Your Cloud Data in One Place

backup2cloud delivers a cloud to cloud backup and recovery solution, which backs up daily changes in your cloud applications such as Office 365 and G Suite to unlimited Amazon S3 storage located in the EU, making it available for restore or export. 

Worries about lost or corrupted data are a thing of the past. Whether it’s filing financial reports, resolving legal issues or just managing day-to-day operations, you can be sure that all your data is both 100% safe and only a few clicks away. Need access to a file that accidentally got deleted? Within minutes you can find, restore and export archived data from any point in time.

  • Safe:
    ISO 27001, HIPAA and GDPR compliant
  • Simple:
    Activate backup for all or selected users with a few simple clicks
  • Secure:
    Amazon S3 Secure Storage within the EU and AES-256 Encryption
  • Centralised:
    Backup all your cloud applications with one solution
  • Flexible:
    User specified backup selection, schedule and retention
  • Reliable:
    Cloud backup allowing easy recovery from any point in time

Why isn’t my cloud data safe

Popular online services such as Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce still rely on the trash bin for data recovery. That means that once the recycle bin is manually or automatically purged, your data is gone…forever.

Here are just a few misconceptions that people may have on the safety of their data in their cloud service:

  • Microsoft already backs up our data:
    Microsoft backs up all data internally, but these backups are only available to the client for 14-days. In addition the restore process is handled as any other support ticket with no defined SLA or guarantee that your data can be restored.
  • The recycle bin is sufficient data protection:
    The recycle bin can only recover individual deleted items for a limited time, it does not provide point-in-time recovery of lost or corrupt data. The recycle bin also does not protect against the accidentally or malicious corruption due to automated / scheduled tasks, external systems / 3rd party app sync (iOS/Android devices, etc.) or virus / malware attacks.
  • We already use Exchange Online Archiving:
    EOA is an item level archiving system that does not have restore capability. Individual items must be queried via eDiscovery, extracted and then exported with no capability to restore data directly back into a users mailbox in a simple single process.